Influential Typography - Josef Müller-Brockman:

Modernist designer Josef Müller-Brockman has been highly influential in his exploration of typography across his career that flourished during the fifties to the seventies. He is best known for his simple designs and clean use of typography throughout his work, his clinical use of shapes and colour have inspired many designers that came after him. His work is timelessly modern, despite its inception nearly 70 years ago; most of his work remains relevant today.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events - M S Corley:

American illustrator and designer M S Corley reimagined HarperCollins ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ in 2009, his aim was to give these modern children’s novels a classic look.

Throughout the graphic system that Corley has created, in every book cover the VFD’s (Volunteer Fire Department) symbol of an eye takes a prominent role, this is an important plot point that binds all 13 books together. Much like the movie posters of the 1960s where Corley finds inspiration, major plot points are suggested throughout the system, yet nothing is given away.

The bold colours set each book apart from one another, and play out as a retro homage to the work of Penguin Books and Saul Bass through the 60’s.

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Capslock Media - B21 Branding Studio:

This educational app developer describe themselves as ‘funky’, ‘colourful’ and ‘vibrant’, and Brazilian graphic designers B21 rebranded them within this criteria. Their inspiration and visual reference was a combination of pixel art, arcade games and Tetris, which eventually came together to make this fun and outgoing brand.

The colours that they have chosen are acidic combinations of pink, green, purple and cyan, which allows their pixel art logo to really jump off of the page. B21 have created an exciting brand, and a logo that can be transferred through its colours to a wide range of media. This wholly compliments its target audience, client, and visual backgrounds of the brand.

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