Predators - Maxim Shkret:

Interpretive illustrations showing off four of nature’s finest predators: lion, bear, owl and fox. Artist Maxim Shkret created these animal profiles creating 3D Max and the Adobe CS5 Creative Suite.

The rich use of colour and the hypnotic flowing lines lend themselves to these stunning illustrations, with each animal’s gentle eyes hidden behind the built up vector shapes. The pieces are titled Sun (Lion), Oil (Bear), Sweety (Owl) and Fire (Fox).

To see these extraordinary pieces a bit closer, or to examine Maxim’s portfolio, click here.

Troía Design Hotel - R2 Design:

R2 Design are a Portuguese design company that specialise in ‘editorial design, visual identities, signage systems, posters, exhibitions, as well as web design projects’, and in 2009 they created this series of books for the Troía Design Hotel.

The edgy, modernist designs of the books look great, and their use of white space throughout helps their designs shine. However, it is the front covers of the books that I wish to draw attention to, as it is these that make the graphic system and visual identity complete. Each cover has a simple gradient applied to it, and they all look great individually; they are striking without looking extravagant or gaudy. Once the six books come together they create a spectrum of colour, which really helps add extra appeal to the already high quality items.

To see more of R2 Design, or to look further into the Troía Design Hotel books, click here.

Alan Kitching, Letterpress Design:

The computer age has transformed the way that graphic designers work, more often than not InDesign and Photoshop are our tools, rather than the furniture, quoins and keys that our ancestors used alongside their printing presses before us. Few designers today are lucky enough to have access to a printing press, let alone know how to use it. Alan Kitching is one such designer that has managed to master this art form.

When digital printing and computers arrived in the 90’s, he returned to his letterpress printing roots. His punchy type is used in so many different ways, anything from informative infographics and maps to bold statement-based posters. When asked by other designers ‘What is your favourite typeface?' Kitching always replies with 'The one I am using’.

Alan Kitching is a typographic designer with a unique sense of placement, colour and design, he manages to remain relevant and intriguing using tools that are considered redundant in a digital world. To see more of his typographic work, click here.