London-based designer Arjun Harrison-Mann created this custom typeface based on the history of design and typography. The type’s layered structure represents the complexity and connectivity of memory, and more specifically, how ephemera can trigger different memories about a certain event or place.

A nice piece of design, this layered style of design is becoming increasingly popular, but Forma seems to offer something new to this growing typographical market.

When describing his work, Arjun says:

'A typeface inspired by the history of type, specifically
Aztec and 3rd century Coptic mark making, entitled ‘Forma’.
This typeface was custom made for my final major project based on
autobiographical memory and how ephemera can trigger memories.
Therefore I chose to use a layered structure to represent the complexity
and connectivity of autobiographical & triggered memory.’

- Arjun Harrison-Mann

To see Arjun’s Forma project, or any other piece of his work, check out his Behance page here.

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