Leftloft - Inter Milan Poster Campaign:

The ‘Ci Vediamo a Sansiro (We’ll see you at the San Siro)’ poster campaign designed solely by Leftloft, Italian design giants. Leftloft been working alongside the european footballing giants Inter Milan from the beginning of the current 2011/2012 season, creating these eye catching, retro posters for the football club. 

Inter’s new poster campaign consists a monochromatic photo of a current first team player, mounted on top of a coloured background with two diagonal Inter-coloured stripes. There is a strong typographic presence to these posters, again relaying somewhat retro tones; the type consists of information about upcoming matches for viewers to take note of.

The purpose of the poster campaign was to try and solve Italy’s lacking fan attendance at matches by engaging with fans on a visual level; the posters hold all the necessary information about future matches, and when put up, I assume that they are quite the spectacle.

I’m fond of this poster collection, as I’m a sucker for simple, effective, minimalistic design - and these posters are just that. With an entropic display of information, an eye-catching visual style, and an appeal to fans through photos of their favourite players, I really feel that Leftloft have done a sterling job; I look forward to see what else they produce for Inter Milan in the remainder of the Season.

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